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What really makes my programs unique?

Every one of us on this planet wants one thing - we all want to feel alive. We don’t want just barely be alive, we don’t want to think that we are alive, we want - to feel alive. We all want one thing - we want to feel.

Feelings and emotions is what connects us to outside world, to ourselves and to each other. When we cannot feel or we feel only one emotion - pain, our life become meaningless, and no amount of money or success can change it.

I have dedicated the last eight years to developing a training that breaks the boundaries of traditional therapy and integrates it into specific application of emotional health.

I help people to turn their awareness inside themselves - to see and to feel what is on the inside. I also teach people to experience feelings and emotions that are missing from their every day life - compassion, attentiveness, fairness, forgiveness, justice and freedom from pain.

My programs are new – they combine techniques that, until now, were taught only to artists, musicians, and presenters.

Every program will give you a huge range of great tools. The tools along are worth studying. But what you will also get is you will get to experience something you never experienced before.


All pains we experience in life are pains of growth and can be healed by skilful response. We will develop skills that are right for you and your life.

Love, Joy and Happiness are states of balance and good health. Feeling good is a sign that our environment is safe, our mind is clear, and our heart is open.

Process - heal, transform, master

I will take you through relaxation techniques, mind-body exercises, and step-by-step analysis will heal your pain and build solid foundation for successful life.

New method:

Practice Knowing method is a combination of meditation, action and critical thinking-self-study.

Unique tools, fast effective results:

Spontaneity Training, Content Free Exercises, Plastic Exercises all will give you flexible control of your emotions, healing and life lasting skills.

Just a little bit of effort, practice and fun at the beginning can bring some amazing results.

p.s. Remember, when we feel well - we live well.