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After my first session with Maria, I knew it was working. My heart lightened. I couldn't wait to start the next round of sessions. I am still learning and enjoying the process.
- Chris

I used to have a lot of hot buttons. I would flare at something that was said or done. A single word could make me spin in anger and pain. Since taking Maria's program, I am a new person. I know what my triggers are. I know why I feel the way I feel. Now I am awake, aware and prepared. I am grateful to Maria and to myself for learning new ways to see and to feel life.
- Lorry H.

Emotional Fitness Training

Last week I had my last session with Maria. What a wonderful change! After years of trying to fix myself and spending lots of money in therapy I decided to try something new. The concept of Emotional Fitness Training was new to me. I didn't even know that I could control my emotions. In six weeks I was able to make a huge shift and heal the relationship between my parents and myself! Who knew it was possible! Strangely this one change created many other changes. It made me strong. I love how I feel about myself. This is a big change. Priceless. Thank you!
- Linda E.

I'm so happy and grateful to experience this training! You know what I learned? I learned that I do not have to force myself to feel better or be better. I learned to allow myself to feel and to grow. I've experienced many positive changes since that discovery.
- C.H.

One of my friends invited me to this program. I want to let you know that the program is working miracles in my life. Specifically, through my work with my Maria, I realized that a lot of my feelings are simple habits. I discovered where they come from, when and whom I learned them from, and I know that they belong to me, and not other way around. I feel sad and I feel excited, I feel cold and I feel hot. I am not afraid to feel anymore. My emotions come and go they do not destroy my life and my relationships anymore. Now I am in control, and I am a master of my life.
- Paul


HELP IN RECOVERY is a very unusual program. I was in therapy for years, but I progressed more with Maria in eight weeks. Today I feel that life is full of possibilities just waiting to happen. I do not suffer from old wounds. I am prepared for change. I feel that I am healed, I feel that I am stronger. I live life to its fullest. Thank you.
- Steve

I want to thank you again for helping me through these hard times. I initially wasn't sure how HELP IN RECOVERY program could help me. I was in recovery for 10 years. I struggled but I was surviving. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. I didn't know that it could be different. Now I live in a different world. I do not limit myself - I allow myself to feel and to expand. I look forward to new relationships. I am excited. The value of this program is immense. It is priceless. I feel so lucky to meet Maria and experience this program. Thank you.
- Andrea

I was very skeptical at first, since I have been in recovery for a long time and I knew how it works - I was prepared for a life long struggle. But working with Maria has completely changed my perspective. Now I see that everything in life is a resource. And the most amazing thing is that I do not even remember why it was so hard in the past. I love this program. I recommend it to all my friends.
- Sandy