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How it’s all started

My journey toward emotional health and self-awareness began 25 years ago in a small underground experimental theatre in Soviet Moscow. Three times a week a dozen of people came together for group mediation and life exploration through dance and drama.

Our work and performances emerged from studies in Tai Chi, Aikido and Pantomime; the philosophy of the Greek-Armenian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff, the Sociometric works of Jacob Moreno and the experimental theatre methods of Jerzy Grotowski.

Gurdjieff, Moreno and Grotowski are pioneering giants in the "New Age" movement in Human Development, Sociology and Theatre. Their contributions to the understanding of human evolution are so profound that they still not completely understood. My philosophy and methods are largely influenced by these great minds.

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866 -1949)
Greek-Armenian mystic, philosopher and a spiritual teacher

In his teachings, G.I. Gurdjieff defined individual life as a path of emotional, mental and spiritual work - the work of self-transformation. The true purpose of man in life is to grow consciously. When we grow consciously we become free. and this conscious growth makes us truly human.

In 1922 Gurdjieff founded "The Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man," where he taught and studied methods of inner development.

In his later years Gurdjieff developed a series of Content Free Exercises, designed to align the work of the left and right brain; and another series of exercises to align the mind, body and emotions.
I teach Content Free Exercises in my individual sessions.

Jacob Moreno (1889-1974)
American social scientist and a pioneer of group psychotherapy and drama therapy

Jacob Moreno is best known as a the creator of Drama Therapy – study of man in and through action. Moreno thought of psychological drama as a new instrument for research of human behaviour. He saw the goal of Psycho Drama as solving the biggest challenge of our education - to bring information and life together to forge integrated knowledge.

Moreno’s legacy has tremendous practical value for us today. His most valuable contributions are Sociometry and the theory of Creative Revolution.

Moreno’s concepts of “Tele” – a two-way empathy between people, and Emotional Expansiveness – the ability of one person to form emotional networks with others are particularly useful. Tele, Empathy and Emotional Expansiveness skills can be developed through Spontaneity Training.

Spontaneity Training is a set of exercises that allow you to experiment, experience and change your habitual actions and reactions. I teach spontaneity exercises in my Emotional Fitness Clinic. Sign up for Emotional Fitness Clinic and you will be able to experience amazing transformation.

Jerzy Grotowski (1933 - 1999)
Polish theatre director, and one of the greatest masters of modern experimental theatre

Grotowski was the creator of the "Poor Theatre", an experimental theatre without stage, costumes, masks or money. Grotowski saw the purpose of theatre as a place to experience and explore the inner processes of men, and for training in organicity and awareness.

Grotowski designed many exercises to help actors to listen, read, and express their emotions, he called them Plastic Exercises.

If you want to know more about how Plastic Exercises can help you in your every day life - sign up for Emotional Fitness Training. The intention of this training is to give you the principles and the strategies of emotional flexibility and control.