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If you feel hopeless, tired and almost given up, if you under the dry spell and ready to change. If your addictive behavior is hurting you, your family and your job, you can stop it now and feel good again, there is effective powerful solution ready for you.

HELP IN RECOVERY program is designed to help you through this challenging time. HELP IN RECOVERY provides an exclusive, effective, and highly practical support for your healing.

What is an addiction?

Addiction is a habit and a reaction to pain, stress and tension. When we are not able to cope with pain and stress effectively – we resort to drugs, alcohol and other substitutes for solution. Addiction is a habit – repetitive behaviour that can be unlearned and changed.

HELP IN RECOVERY program will help you to clear from emotional pain that is a root of addictive behavior and will give you new habits to change your life.

What is HELP IN RECOVERY program?

HELP IN RECOVERY is face-to-face 8 weeks program to assist you in your recovery process. I am especially proud of this program. This program is a result of more than 5 years of my personal recovery and work with many, many clients.

This program has 3 goals:

  • To release and clear deep emotional pain
  • Build strong foundation for healthy life
  • Assist you in creating new healthy habits

Imagine how good your life will feel when you end the struggle and create the life you want now.

What is the secret of this program?

The secret is in the combination of tools and the focus. We will focus on your power, your strengths, your flexibility and perseverance.

How does it work?

The training is divided into four sections:
- relaxation,
- clearance,
- working with triggers and developing new habits.

Program benefits:

  • Gaining independence from addiction
  • Understanding yourself
  • Knowing the roots of your struggle
  • Sense of clearance and completeness
  • Health and balance
  • Developing kind mind

What will you have:

You will permanently clear emotional pain and you will develop new habit of not struggling - allowing life to flow freely and heal. You will release your pain and your pain will release you. You will learn to listen to yourself and you will learn to connect to your senses and to your past experiences. You will experience closeness and compassion, you will learn to see yourself with kind eyes. You will have new tools, new habits, new life.

What would it worth to you?

What would it worth to you to end the struggle and start living? What would it worth to you to wake up every morning looking forward to the day? What would it worth to you to amend the broken heart and love again?

Good life is happy life. We can dwell on the past and struggle with addiction forever or we can focus on your future, and be pulled by new habit of change. Good life full of possibilities in front of you.

Let’s give it a go.