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I teach what I practice and what I love. All my programs build on the combination of many tools and therapies that I have researched over many years and successfully used in my own life. Here is a description of the tools that will be available to you when you come to your session.


Hypnosis is a simple process of relaxing the mind and the body. The sensation is very similar to daydreaming. When you have achieved a peaceful state in your mind and body, you have access to your subconscious - the part of the mind where all learned information, skills and behaviours are stored.

By learning to relax and gain direct access to your subconscious you will be able to change unwanted behaviours. By learning to relax you also will be able to improve skills and behaviours that will help you to heal and be well.

Hypnosis is the most potent drug-free relaxant known to science. In 1958 the American Medical Association (AMA) officially approved hypnosis for use in all areas of medicine and surgery. Since then numerous clinical studies have been conducted that confirm the effectiveness of hypnosis for treatment of pain, insomnia, stress nausea, and as a substitute for anaesthesia.

Hypnosis is a powerful, time-tested tool for healing, growth and self-discovery. Hypnosis has been known to human civilization for 4000 years, and was practiced in ancient Temples of Sleep in Egypt, Rome, Greece and Africa as a medical treatment.

Prayer and meditation are other states of hypnotic experience. When we feel relaxed and safe we allow our experience of life to deepen. We allow our emotions to widen. We allow our mind to expand. The Hypnotic state is a state of relaxed awareness and is the best state for learning, creating, sports and work.

Hypnosis also is a spectacular experience. Do you remember sitting in the movie theatre, watching a really good film, completely absorbed by your experience, in full suspension of your thoughts, enjoying the wild ride of emotions? This is also an hypnotic experience. During a hypnotic session in my office, as your body is resting deeply, your mind will be awake and your senses clear. You will be able to engage with your subconscious and "read" your life as if it were a great film or book of which you are both the author and witness.


I love Autogenics. This technique is an excellent alternative and complement to hypnosis. It alleviates many stress-induced psychosomatic disorders; promotes digestion and bowel movements, lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, and improves the functions of the immune system.

Autogenicsis very gentle relaxation process developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz in 1932.

The technique involves the daily practice of relaxation procedures that lasts around 15 minutes 3 times a day. During each session, the practitioner repeats a set of visualisations that induces a state of progressive relaxation.

Autogenic Training restores the balance between the activity of the sympathetic (flight or fight) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest) branches of the autonomic nervous system.


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a highly effective, fast acting emotional pain reducer. TFT is a needle-free type of acupuncture in which we gently tap on a sequence of Meridian points to remove negative emotions. Tapping acupressure points activates lymphatic nodes, produces Serotonin, and dissociates old memories from painful body reactions.

TFT is an excellent short-term treatment for anxiety, fear, phobias, depression, PTSD, and low self-esteem.

TFT was developed by the brilliant American scientist, Roger Callahan. TFT works fast and has a success rate above 80%. TFT is a must have procedure for your self care kit.

When you come to my office I will give you more information about how it works and how to use it at home.

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is very effective set of tools for change that is widely employed by the life coaching community. In contrast to traditional psychotherapy NLP values quick results and practical outcomes.

NLP is perfect for someone who has already made the decision to change and knows exactly the direction he or she wants to take. If you ever seen theI Can Make You Thin show with Paul Mckenna on TV, you already know what NLP is about and how it works.

NLP procedures can help you to change habit, and quickly shift beliefs, to accelerate your motivation and professional growth.

NLP tools and methods are effective and fun.

The Hakomi Method

The Hakomi Method is a precious jewel of psychotherapies.
Developed by Ron Kurtz, it is a body centred, assisted self-study therapy based on five therapeutic principles – Mindfulness, Organicity, Non-Violence, the Mind-Body Connection, and Unity.

This method accesses our core beliefs and unconscious patterns through the close observation of body posture, gesture, tone of voice and other non-verbal expressions. Loving presence and a healing relationship are central to Hakomi. The Hakomi process creates an exquisite level of sensitivity and atonement between practitioner and client, developing a deep sense of safety and connection which facilitates the effectiveness of transformation.

Drama Therapy

The word Drama has Greek origin and means Action. Drama Therapy is a science of Therapeutic Drama.

As babies and children we learn the science of life through action. At first we learn by imitating our parent’s behaviours and actions, later we mimic their thoughts, habits, identities and value systems. By imitating our parents we learn how to play “the role of our self.”

When we get older, we gain the capacity to discover new things through words and abstract concepts. Still, action remains the only measure of true knowledge. Through actions we discover our sincere beliefs and abilities. Knowledge supported by action we call wisdom.

In Drama Therapy, participants explore internal conflicts through acting out their emotions and interpersonal interactions, which helps to heal inter-personal relations and private wounds.

Drama Therapy is a perfect environment to explore difficult and painful life experiences through an indirect approach. Through Drama Therapy change and healing can be attained with ease.

I call Drama Therapy a school of wisdom, and use it primarily in my Emotional Fitness Program.