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Free Cancer Support Program

I know you may not feel all right in this moment. It is not easy to be sick. I know you know that negative emotions do not help your body to heal. And it takes a bit of skill and practice to open your mind and body to healing.

When first diagnosed with cancer, your life changes. Cancer affects you in every way - physical, emotional and financial. At a time when your body needs the most care and protection, you may feel shock, despair, fear and anger. You may become hopeless, paralyzed, depressed and lonely. Relaxation and traditional methods of self-care and self-awareness are your first aid kit.

The BACK TO HEALTH program will help you to build much needed internal resources, activate self-healing mechanisms in your body, and will give you human support and compassion you deserved.
It will help you to relax and release tension in your body.
It will prepare you for upcoming treatments.

BACK TO HEALTH (2 sessions program)

Program purpose:

  • To learn long lasting relaxation techniques
  • Learn to listen to your body's signals
  • Learn to feel what is all around you
  • Learn to respond to your environment and take action to change it to fit your needs
  • Experience a sense of control and well-being
  • To practice kindness and respect for the most perfect and amazing possession you have - your body
  • Prepare you for chemo/radiation procedure, surgery

Program benefits:

  • Less internal stress
  • Timely recognition and response to symptoms before they evolve into pain and disease
  • Reduced stress and fear before surgical and medical procedures
  • Decreased amount of blood loss during surgery
  • Diminished amount of anaesthesia needed during surgery
  • Minimised side effects of surgical and chemotherapy procedures
  • Accelerated recovery time and reduce in-hospital stay

Program description:

During session one
  • We will talk about your current condition
  • I will shear with you 2-3 techniques for physical and emotional self relaxation
  • I will guide you trough relaxation session
  • I will help you to remember how to return to the state of healing relaxation
During session two:
  • We will talk about your upcoming treatment
  • I will prepare you mentally for procedure
  • I will guide you through treatment process
  • I will guide you through recovery process
  • I will help you to remember how to return to
    relaxed state of mind
  • At the end of session - we will design for you your daily BACK TO HEALTH relaxation ritual

This program is free to anyone living with cancer. If you are free of cancer yet would like to develop your daily BACK TO HEALTH relaxation strategy, please contact me for consultation.

Next steps:

Accumulated internal stress, continuous thoughts of worry, anxiety and fear are unhealthy and often manifest in the body as panic attacks, depression and internal diseases. Most internal conflicts that we carry with us trough our life are the shadows of the past. Turning the traumas of the past into lessons of achievements is the fastest way to let go and let free your emotional and physical energy that is much needed in the present for healing.

LOVE, HEAL, PROSPER program designed to give just that - to gain a new way of seeing your present, to LOVE and enjoy what you have now, to HEAL mysteries of your past, create a strong foundation to PROSPEROUS future.