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De-Stress at Work

Do you work long hours and feel stressed?
Do you have hard time to unwind after work?
Want to know how to relax in 5 minutes or less?

Sign up for 3 De-Stress At Work sessions and you will gain:

  • Instant ability to relax in 5 minutes or less
  • Freedom from anxiety and fear
  • 3 different techniques to guide yourself into a state of tranquility
  • Emergency distress-self-care kit to help you to balance your life
  • New habit
  • New skill
  • Something to teach others
  • A wonderful experience

What it means to you:

  • Better life, better health, better environment
  • Feeling of control and stability, piece of mind
  • New professional skill - emotional resilience and flexibility
  • Increased professional performance

When you're relaxed, you accomplish twice as much work as you do when you're tense and nervous with half the effort.

Medical experts agree that relaxation is the single most important key to your health and well-being. For better health make relaxation a priority! Take some time now, learn to relax. Reserve your session, call for an appointment.